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We are a trusted web development company with over 10 years of experience building responsive websites that reflect your brand. Our team of experienced developers specializes in developing custom themes and plugins tailored to your needs.

We are moving our Web development services to our new brand, Mavlers. Visit Mavlers to know more about our web development offerings.

web development services

Our Professional Web Development Services will make your new website project a success

Launching a new website can be daunting, but with our professional Web Development Services, you can be confident that your website will look great and function flawlessly.

We’ll be available to help you with every step of the website development process, from planning to execution. We understand the importance of an excellent first impression; hence we provide you with skilled resources for your project. Our team is well-equipped with using the latest technologies and following industry best practices to code and develop websites. From designing a custom theme to integrating the trending features and plugins, Digital silk studio will handle it all with ease.

web development services

Our Web Development Services include

Ecommerce Web Development Services

Digital silk studio' team of Ecommerce experts can help you build and develop your online store and all things related. We offer consultation, design, execution, quality checks, and integrations to ensure your store is functioning at its best.

Landing Pages Development Services

Create a custom page that perfectly matches your branding and goals with help from our Web Development Experts. You can expect an increase in your website's conversion rate and overall performance.

Backend Web Development Services

With a detailed understanding of databases, back-end logic, APIs, architecture, and servers, we ensure that your website performs correctly. We are committed to providing our clients with the best possible services, including a well-functioning back-end.

We're expanding our horizons!

While Digital silk studio remains your go-to platform for comprehensive hiring solutions, we’re proud to introduce MAVLERS, our new brand dedicated to fulfilling all your digital marketing and technology requirements. Let’s head to our brand new website

web development services

Web Development Process followed by Digital silk studio being a Website Development Agency


Our team will get in touch with you and thoroughly discuss every minute detail to ensure that we can deliver you exactly what you want.


We will provide you with the wireframing based on your specific requirements. The wireframes will help us come on the same page with the website's layout, approach, and style.


At this point, our goal is to produce a UI design that matches the expectations of your website and appeals to your customers.


This step involves execution, from defining the tech architecture and choosing the right technology stack to finally turning your vision into reality.


Here comes the time for the final delivery! We will provide the final output for you to review and share feedback.

Let Digital silk studio be your partner in success - build scalable and smart web solutions.

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          Result-Driven Custom Web Application Development Company

          A one-stop solution for your custom web application needs – from designing interactive UI/UX, personalization, design, quality checks, support, and maintenance. We offer custom-built solutions so you stay ahead of the competition, while our customer-centric approach ensures better conversion rates!

          Technologies we use to create Web Applications:


          1. AngularJS
          2. ReactJS
          3. VueJS
          4. PHP
          5. NodeJS
          6. Java


          Do You Need A Custom Web Application For Business?


          FrequentlyAsked Questions

          A professional custom web development company will help you create a website that meets your specific needs. They will work with you to design the site, choose the right hosting and domain, and set up all of the necessary features and functionality. They can also help you with website security.

          It is better to develop a website with help from a web development firm for many reasons. To name a few - cost-effectiveness, higher expertise, ease to scale the team size up or down, and knowledge of the latest trends and technologies.

          The cost of the Website Development packages vary from business to business. Our hourly rates start from $25/hour to $40/hour. We also customize our pricing packages if our client has some specific prerequisites in mind.

          When working with a custom web app development company, you can expect them to be able to easily carry out the project and leverage their expertise to get the job done right. They will also be able to provide you with regular updates on the project's progress and be available for any questions or concerns you may have.

          The average duration to build a custom web application with Digital silk studio is around three months. The end goal is expected to be achieved early with the support of ready-made libraries and modules.

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